Apify: The Smartest Way To Extract Websites – Semalt Expert

Web scraping is the process of automatic data mining or information collection from the World Wide Web. There are a large number of data harvesters, but Apify is the most accurate and powerful service.

Apify is an advanced web scraper and automation software. It scrapes information from various sites and organizes it in a matter of minutes. You can collect and structure data using this tool. If you want to scrape information from a fashion website, Apify will arrange information based on colors, prices and sizes of products. Some of its major benefits are described below:

1. A smart way to extract website:

With Apify, you don't need to create spreadsheets manually. This tool automatically uploads spreadsheets in your CRM. It uses APIs to extract data from an entire site. Apify creates high-quality data about weather forecast, product prices, and marketing strategies. It also crawls your web pages and improves your site rankings.

2. Suitable for everyone:

Apify is suitable for programmers, non-coders, enterprises, freelancers, journalists, webmasters, small and medium-sized companies, and data analysts. As a student, you can use Apify to collect information for your research project. This website scraper is good for both startups and top brands. It helps us monitor our competitors' sites and develop new business and marketing strategies.

3. A great tool to perform multiple tasks:

Apify helps create new stock exchange sites, builds flight booking apps, analyzes real estate markets, scrapes product reviews, and performs numerous other tasks. In fact, you can perform both data mining and web crawling tasks with this service and obtain error-free information in a matter of minutes.

4. Smart Processing:

Apify's API automatically finds and extracts useful data for you. JSON is commonly used as a transport storage mechanism between the client and the web server. It also keeps you updated about current marketing trends and provides feedback on the quality of data. You can use its Search API option to find good bots on the internet. Apify filters data and creates separate lists of products for you.

5. Diversified IP Options:

One of the main features of Apify is that it provides diversified IP options. You can subscribe to its professional plan and anonymously act on the net. You can access hundreds of unique IP addresses and perform multiple crawling and data extraction tasks at a time.

6. Connect Apify with your favorite apps:

Unlike other ordinary web scraping tools, Apify can be connected to your favorite web app. It is also useful for programmers and helps them process and analyze crawling results. With Apify, you can get insights of websites and receive notifications. You can download an app on your smartphone and perform your tasks anytime and anywhere.

7. Full-fledged features:

You just have to tell it what you want to crawl or scrape, Apify will perform its tasks automatically. With this service, you can extract websites and blogs with cookies, redirects, and AJAX. You don't need to install any browser-based plugin. Apify is a good alternative to Import.io, Octoparse, Uipath, Screen Scraper and Kimono Labs.